Small Business Sales

When many professionals think of sales, the proverbial "used car salesman" comes to mind. But sales doesn't have to be shady, manipulative or sleazy. Read tips on how to sell your services ethically and with integrity below.

7 Ways to Generate More Money From Clients

Most small business owners want to generate more revenue and profits. To do so, they often focus on attracting new clients rather than tapping into their current and past client base. Yet selling to existing and past clients can be extremely profitable. Here are seven ways to tap your customer database for quick profits.

Make More Money Through Upselling and Cross-Selling

I don’t think I have ever talked with a small business owner whose number one concern wasn’t to attract more new clients. In many cases, marketing seems like a magical process that, if they only get the formula right, will flood them with all the clients they can handle.

5 Steps To Selling your Services, Even In a Down Economy

Selling doesn’t have to be sleazy, unethical, manipulative or difficult. Nor do you need to have been born a salesman to make it in today’s economy. Anyone can learn how to sell – as long as they have some self confidence and believe strongly that their products and services can dramatically improve their prospects’ lives.

How to Sell Your Freelance, Consulting or Coaching Services

Selling has changed considerably over the last several years. You can no longer count on making cold calls and sales pitches to prospects – they will simply ignore you. Let’s look at a few key differences.

Selling Your Services Without A High-Pressure Sales Pitch

The traditional approach to selling involved people going door-to-door and pitching their products to whoever answered. Or making 100 cold calls per day in hopes of finding those one or two people who expressed even a passing interest. The rejection rate was high but motivated sellers were content with that 1-2% who eventually bought. These […]