Online Lead Generation: Follow up Strategies that Lead to Sales

If you want your online lead generation efforts to generate sales, you need a lead follow up system in place. And ideally, your lead follow up will manage your sales leads automatically. Here are four key follow up strategies that lead to sales.

  1. Create a landing page – The first step to capturing leads from your website is to create a page that is specifically designed to get your prospects to take action. Your landing page should have one sole purpose – such as offering a free report or providing brief information about a product or service – and then asking for the “sale.” The “sale” is getting your reader to take your desired action such as filling out a contact form or purchasing your product. The most compelling landing pages focus on the benefits of whatever you offer and why your prospect should take action now. This is critical to start building a mailing list of leads that you can follow up with regularly.
  2. Lead follow up via email – Once you have your visitor’s contact information, it’s time to start following up with them. Email is easiest because most email service providers (like Aweber) allow you to set up autoresponders. Someone fills out your web form and that triggers your autoresponder to start sending out regular emails automatically. Of course, you have to write these emails ahead of time, but once they are written, they do your lead follow up work for you over and over.
  3. Lead follow up via voice broadcasting – Email is great but it’s not the only tool you can use to follow up with leads. Emails can get caught by spam filters, so you might try reaching prospects by other means. With voice broadcasting, you record a simple message and set up your voice broadcasting software to call them.
  4. Lead follow up via postcard – Direct mail can also be a good way to follow up with leads if you collect addresses on your landing page. To collect addresses, you often have to promise you will send something such as delivering a purchase or sending a free CD or DVD in exchange for their contact information. However, once you have their mailing address, you can set up a campaign to mail to them regularly. With services like, you can specify when you want to mail and the service will handle everything.

This simple four step process can help you put your lead follow up virtually on autopilot so you have time to work with clients rather than constantly prospect for new business.

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