Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Marketing is more than just advertising, promotion or sales. It is an umbrella term that includes everything you do to get and serve clients. Marketing strategy involves creating a plan or process for how you will manage all of your short- and long-term activities to meet your business objectives. Read articles on marketing strategy below.

Create Your 15-Second Elevator Pitch

If networking plays a big role in your marketing strategy, you need a compelling answer to the question, “What do you do for a living?” Simply answering with “I’m a marketing consultant” or “I’m a life coach” or “I’m a graphic designer” won’t help you get more business.

Marketing Your Consulting Business

Once you have set up your consulting business and created a business plan, the next step is marketing. Finding the right clients can be the most time-consuming and challenging part of starting a consulting business.

Creating Your Marketing Budget – How Much Should You Spend?

One of the biggest questions I’m asked is how much should you spend on marketing. The answer lies in knowing two numbers: How much does it cost to acquire a new customer? How much will a customer spend with you over her lifetime (until she stops doing business with you)? Many small business owners don’t […]

Marketing Plan for Freelancers, Consultants and Coaches

To succeed in selling your freelancing, consulting or coaching services, you need a marketing strategy that attracts the right type of clients. Without some basic planning, can find yourself wasting a lot of time either doing the wrong marketing activities or doing the right marketing activities in the wrong ways. Planning helps you think through […]

5 Steps For Marketing Your Services

With so many ways to market your services, it can be overwhelming to decide which marketing strategies you should use. Many people spend hours researching which to pick from, what they should be doing, how they should do it, but they never get around to actually implementing. While the basic principles of marketing are the […]

How Marketing is Like A Competitive Track Meet

Marketing is Like Competitive Track Meet

If your marketing isn’t working for you, it is because you aren’t doing the right things in the right order. Most people think marketing works something like this: “I will do what I can to get my name out there. Those who are interested will call. We will talk, and I will close the sale.”

Does Your Marketing Actually Push Prospects Away?

If you have been marketing your business but not getting the type of results you want, it may be because your marketing actually deters prospects from contacting you. Yes, that’s right. Deters. I don’t just mean cheap quality print-jobs, hard-to-read text, or other design flaws. Even the most beautiful brochures or cutting-edge websites can turn […]

The Most Effective Way to Attract New Clients

When it comes to marketing your business, most people realize they must get the word out about their products and services somehow. But whenever they try to run ads, send mailings, or market online, it just seems like marketing just doesn’t work. Maybe these efforts pull in a few inquiries, but they don’t consistently generate […]