Small Business Internet Marketing

Internet marketing involves everything you do online to promote your services - such as the content of your website, running pay-per-click or banner ads, social media marketing and search engine marketing. Read articles about internet marketing below.

Online Lead Generation: Follow up Strategies that Lead to Sales

If you want your online lead generation efforts to generate sales, you need a lead follow up system in place. And ideally, your lead follow up will manage your sales leads automatically. Here are four key follow up strategies that lead to sales.

8 Tips for Creating and Selling Information Products

Creating and selling information products online is an easy, lucrative way to make money quickly. Success involves understanding what your customers want and creating products around those wants. Focus your products around your prospects’ biggest frustrations, problems and challenges. Here are eight tips to succeed.

Make Money From Home – Should You Sell Information Products?

Information products are books and ebooks, audio CDs and MP3s, web video and DVDs, teleseminars, and computer software that are used to teach specialized knowledge to another person. Most people have knowledge that other people want. Information products are a way to deliver that information to people easily and profitably. Let’s look at some formats […]

Cheap Web Design: How to Build A Site for $300 or Less

Reader Question I am starting a small consultancy and would like a some web presence. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the demand will be like so I want to start small, but still have it look professional. My budget is really small and the maximum I can pay is about $300. Will I be […]