Create Your 15-Second Elevator Pitch

If networking plays a big role in your marketing strategy, you need a compelling answer to the question, “What do you do for a living?” Simply answering with “I’m a marketing consultant” or “I’m a life coach” or “I’m a graphic designer” won’t help you get more business.

Why? Because it doesn’t clearly identify what you do and how that can help them. To you, being a “marketing consultant,” a “life coach,” or a “graphic designer” means certain things.

However, your prospects don’t have the same “insider” knowledge that you have. They may have an entirely different view of your industry based on what they’ve heard in the media, their own experiences working with a consultant or designer, and what their family and friends have told them. It’s possible they don’t see much value in what you do if they received bad advice from another “consultant” or cheap web design service from their neighbor’s “computer whiz” son who is still in high school.

A better answer is to state the following:

I help _____describe your prospect______
Who are struggling/having problems with __your target audience’s key problem______
To achieve/get _____the specific result they will receive by working with you___
In/With/Without ______ a convenience they get______.
Do you know anyone who _________recap the above statement_________?

For instance:

  • I help people who hate their job uncover their strengths, clarify their goals and create an action plan to land their dream job within the next year. Do you know any potential career changers who would like a roadmap to a better job?

  • I help big ticket sales professionals who struggle to make their sales quotas to double their sales volume without cold calling or manipulative techniques. Do you know any high commission sales professionals who would like to double their sales?

  • I help couples who want to save their marriage to break through the walls of anger, resentment, and hurt to revive the love, passion and joy they once had. Do you know any couples who want to save their marriage?

Do you see the difference? Now, you are telling people exactly what you do, who you do it for, and why that can help them.

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