Client Service Articles

Client service involves your interactions with prospects and clients before, during and after an agreement to work together has been signed with the goal of meeting - and hopefully exceeding - your client's expectations. Read articles about client service below.

How to Handle Client Problems

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you’ll find yourself faced with an unhappy prospect or client – it is part of doing business that you can’t please everyone 100% of the time or that your client doesn’t perceive the value in what you are doing. Value is subjective. It’s how prospects and clients perceive your business. […]

4 Ways To Obtain Customer Feedback

Ask 100 people what the most effective way to market your business is, and you will get 200 responses. Everyone has an opinion. But just because one strategy works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you. That is why the best way to find out which marketing strategies will work is to […]

5 Pillars of Customer Service

It should go without saying that unhappy clients don’t continue to buy from you nor do they refer business to you, so your number one job is to keep your clients satisfied. Client service is subjective, but there are a number of core principles that need to be in place for clients to perceive your […]