Small Business Advertising & Promotion

Advertising and promotion involve how you spread the word about your services. Your advertising and promotion plan should identify who you are targeting, what message to use, where to advertise, and when you plan to run the campaign. Read articles about advertising and promotion below.

How to Write a Small Business Press Release

Press releases can be a great way for small business owners to generate publicity about their products and services. A good small business press release provides informative, newsworthy content. They don’t have to be difficult to write, but they are structured a bit differently than traditional sales copy or informational content. Here are 9 tips […]

4 Small Business Advertising Tips to Convert More Clients

If you’re looking to attract more clients, one of your top concerns is how to use small business advertising effectively to convert prospects into clients. You’ve probably heard many ideas about building relationships and client loyalty by developing a prospecting database – but how do you really get prospects to hire you? Here are 4 […]

10 Tips for Generating New Business for Your Consulting Services

Marketing your consulting business can be time-consuming. It can be challenging to find clients who want and will pay for your services. Here are 10 tips to help you generate new business.

Creating Your Lead Follow Up System

In the last article, I wrote about how you can quickly create a “7 Mistakes” report to offer as free sample of your products and services. As a business owner, your goal is to turn a profit, but not every product or service you offer must have a price tag. People are drawn to the […]

How To Create Your Free Sample Report

The best way to get prospects’ attention is to offer them a free sample of your services. This doesn’t have to be complicated. You simply have to demonstrate the value of your services by providing some tips that can help your prospect solve a pressing problem, concern or frustration she may be having.