4 Small Business Advertising Tips to Convert More Clients

If you’re looking to attract more clients, one of your top concerns is how to use small business advertising effectively to convert prospects into clients. You’ve probably heard many ideas about building relationships and client loyalty by developing a prospecting database – but how do you really get prospects to hire you? Here are 4 small business advertising tips to convert more prospects into clients.

  1. Target your advertising – Plenty of people probably want or need your services. One of the biggest small business advertising challenges you may face is how to get your marketing message in front of them. Choose advertising opportunities that reach your target audience – not just a mass audience of thousands of people.
  2. Improve your offer – Next, you need a marketing message that compels people to take action. Offer something that is “too good to resist” in your ads to get people to respond. This doesn’t necessarily mean offering discounts or dropping your prices, but can you include bonuses if they take action now? What else can you offer – such as reports, training videos, free audio programs, etc – that are easy to create and can add considerable value to your services?
  3. Capture leads – Most people hesitate when you ask them to pick up the phone to call you in your small business advertising. They assume you will give them a sales pitch and they may not be ready to hire you just yet. But they do want information that may help them solve key problems they might be facing, so make it easy for them to respond to your offer without over-the-phone or face-to-face interactions. For instance, you might offer free reports that people can download on your website or an audio presentation they can access by calling your toll-free hotline. This way, you get their contact information in exchange for free information so you can follow up.
  4. Follow up – If your services are expensive, they won’t be an impulse buy. Your prospects will hire you (or your competitors) when they are ready – and chances are, that won’t be the first time they read your ads. Have a follow up system in place to keep in touch and send new offers and good content each month. It can take an average of 7-12 contacts before someone becomes your client, so build this into your follow up strategy.

By following these 4 small business advertising tips – specifically, by developing incentives to get prospects to give you their contact information and by following up regularly – you can convert more prospects into clients.

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